Managing productions worldwide


The company is dedicated to all aspects of music performances from concerts to fully staged opera and operetta productions, special events, tours, broadcasts. The management has extensive international business network for the sake of successful productions and one of the most well-known producers of opera events with the new opera star generation in the industry. The management sets up and promotes individual concerts in theatres, arenas, stadiums and open air venues. In addition, producing television programs as well as documentaries.  Presenting many colourful events with numerous internationally acknowledged artists.

GuliAnd is registered in the United Kingdom and has an affiliated company in Hungary.

Andreas Z. Magony and Gyula Mesterházy, owners of GuliAnd Ltd. have been cooperating with Plácido Domingo since 2003.


As a result of the teamwork of Nicholas Marko and GuliAnd Management number of huge success productions were presented with Plácido Domingo since 2003 .